The scene that’s just beginning was probably the most challenging thing I’ve drawn in a while. This page in particular I am pleased with how it came out…which is a rarity lately OTL. Also just a friendly reminder that I started a TV Tropes page for the comic here: I think I may have added everything that can be added at this time, but if you can think of anything please feel free to add it. In the end I may just have to wait until I get more updates posted. : x

I also wanted to mention since I don’t think I did, that I am listed on Comic Rocket now, so if you use that site and you like the comic please add me to your favs/reading list. It will help my comic be a little more visible on the site since right now it’s buried under the thousands of comics on there. Thank you!

EDIT: Haha, I totally did not realize that the colon and x for the rabbit face would turn into an angry smiley image emote. Well I fixed it, I wasn’t angry, I was silent bunnies. XD