And here it is, the final page! I hope you all have enjoyed the comic over the years and thank you for coming on this strange journey with me as readers. Just knowing people out there have read the comic and it has made you happy as a reader makes me feel very fulfilled. So really, thank you for reading! It’s hard to finally put this series to bed, and it certainly has been a big change in my life to stop creating pages for it every week. That said this is the ending that was always meant to be and I am glad to finish it in the way I wanted it to be told.

A lot of you have asked me what I am doing next and well I have an answer now, haha. I have a small once shot comic drama in the works that will be going up on Kickstarter in January as part of their “Make 100” initiative. The comic is called Diet’s a Bear and you guessed it, it’s about ugh, dieting, lol. Anyway you can follow my twitter to keep track of when it goes live if you are interested and I’ll probably pop the link here later when it goes live.

Beyond that, I will be posting an illustrated erotic romance novel to my Patreon and I have been hard at work polishing up some potential scripts for my next longform comic. I am really excited to embark on these new comics and adventures and I would be glad to have you all on as readers again for my future projects. Again, thank you all for reading! It has been a pleasure to have you as readers and thank you for seeing this to the end with me. 🙂

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