Email: To contact me via email just click my encrypted email link here. It’s for spam prevention. :B When you click the link my email will come up.

Twitter! You can also get in touch with me via twitter. My username is @Tsukiyono. One bonus of following my twitter is I post my comic update alerts there, anywhere else my news and update alerts will be patchy. Also I try to check twitter every day as next to tumblr it’s one of my fav social media sites.

Tumblr! Another way you can get in touch with me is via my Tumblr, and I also sometimes post fanart or comic previews and such there.

Patreon If you wish to support my comic making through Patreon you will not only get access to special stuff that nobody else gets to see, but it’s pretty much an open forum in there for chatting about the comic or art or whatevs, and I’m frequently there so it’s also a good way to contact me.

Deviantart Lastly I also have a DA account, I use DA less now than in the past though, but I do post comic covers and other art there occasionally. Probably going to try to utilize DA a little more in the future though.

Facebook Fine Sometimes Rain has it’s own facebook page if you want to like it! You can also post comments on there and I will try my best to respond, but in all honesty I don’t like facebook so I’m never on…I know, I’m horrible! OTL