Hey guys and gals, I have a huge favor to ask! I just recently started a TV tropes page for Fine Sometimes Rain, but I could use some help listing tropes and also listing the comic’s page on index/trope pages, so if you use TV tropes and wouldn’t mind helping out that would be great!! As it is, I don’t know much about the wiki mark-up, but I did get a small page started here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/FineSometimesRain. Hopefully after I get my comic work done for the week I can give it a better description, and I’d also like to put an image up as well, but I don’t know how. >n<;; Anyway if you could help out at all that would be awesome. Also I wanted to say thanks to those who have been voting for me on TopWebcomics!! It's totally been helping, so please continue to vote! Thanks!