So this whole end of this chapter is kind of my love letter to creatives. I love the work of other artists, writers and musicians and so on….Like Jun says it’s easy to say follow your dreams but much more difficult to put into practice. Still though, do it, do the thing that makes you happy even if you can only do it a little bit each week. Do it for yourself first and foremost because getting through the lean times of starting something will new be much easier if you are fulfilling your needs first. Not like I’m a sage or anything since I feel I haven’t made my own personal goals yet, but still…times will get tough and progress will be slow, but even a couple steps forward is progress. It’s like in finding Nemo, gotta just keep on swimming, swimming, swimming. X’D

Oh! and I almost forgot, I’m going to be posting a new video this afternoon of me doing some practice sketching and just talking about the process of sketching in general. So keep an eye out on my Youtube page if you like watching the vids!