So, I wanted to remind everyone that I am leaving for TCAF this week and I will be tabling there over the weekend. If you happen to be going, well feel free to stop by and say hi. 🙂 I will be on the second floor at booth 266. I only have a half table so just look for the girly stuff and the FSR banner. I don’t think you can miss it. XD So, because I am going to be at convention there will be no comic updates next week and I think I am going to take an extra week off afterwards because I have another pressing project deadline. Also I thought I would mention that we are starting the second to last chapter of Fine Sometimes Rain and I suspect that the comic will end possibly sometime late this year. Anyway don’t panic though, there are still many more months left of content yet. Also I will more than likely be starting a new comic after this one completes as well, so there will also be new things to look forward to.

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