So the Kickstarter is still going strong and we made the stretch goal for stickers!! The Project also made Project We love status on Kickstarter!!! I was so surprised and happy. I’m hoping the added boost will help us complete one more stretch goal that I am hoping to announce tomorrow! On a slight down note I have to take my laptop in to get repaired tomorrow, boooo~ The battery is expanding in the case so I want to get a battery replacement before the battery winds up breaking anything else. I’m really really hoping this is going to be a same day repair situation, but in the off chance it may take longer I may have to go down to only one update next week. Really really hoping it can be a quick fix though because being without my computer is so anxiety inducing for me since my work is so dependent upon it. D: Anyway gonna keep positive! Also don’t forget about the Kickstarter!! 😉

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