I’m sorry everyone but I am just super sick with this sinus infection so there aren’t going to be any updates this week. I tried but I really think I just need to be resting as my head/face aches and I am so very tired. On the bright side I have a newer stronger antibiotic so lets hope that this does the trick and I can finally shale this sinus infection that has been raging for a month now. Anyway I really hate to stop things at the beginning of this scene because I want so much to share it, but in the end I think it’s for the best for my health. :”’< Thanks for reading though everyone. 🙂 I just want to say that this is starting a scene that felt really good to write/draw and it gave me a lot of joy and I hope when you read it over the course of the next couple weeks it will also give you that warm feeling in your heart. I think one of my favorite things about writing this comic is writing these friendships. Also Don't forget the Kickstarter is going to be on April 18th!! I think I will have a special comic page for that day too.

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