Hey everyone! So I’m gonna kinda sorta pre-announce that yes a Fine Sometimes Rain Volume 1 GN Kickstarter is coming. I have the first volume pre-pressed now and it’s being proofed. A kickstarter is a huge endeavor and also very scary! (>_<;;) But I am working hard on figuring this stuff out and I'm hoping to launch something in late April or early March. Anyway I hope you will all lend me your support when the time comes! I know I'm just going to be a ball of gross nerves. (>w<;;) Also on a side note I've revamped my art/comic newsletter which you can sign up to using this link, or by clicking the newsletter box to the right. Basically I plan to do a monthly newsletter that gives you sneak peeks into what I am working on and also hopefully offer some other goodies in the future as well. 🙂 Current newsletter subscribers already got a preview of the new GN cover last week!

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