Hey everyone. Thanks again for all of your well wishes concerning my back problems. 🙂 I had a set-back this weekend actually so it’s been rough, but I have PT again Monday so I can discuss everything with my physical therapist. I’m hoping for the best because I wanted to go visit my aunt and cousins next week in Pittsburgh, but considering how things are I don’t know if it’s possible for me to go. This being said, there may or may not be updates next week. If I can’t go there will probably be updates as long as this most recent nerve pain flare-up doesn’t escalate. If I’m able to visit my aunt then I won’t be working on pages next week. I should probably know something by Wednesday evening for sure and I can post an announcement here.

In better news I won a webcomics award. I was a winner in the category of “Slice of Life” For the Excellence in Webcomics Awards. 🙂 You can view all of the winners here: http://startfaire.com/eiwawardswinners.shtml There will also be “Best Of” awards for each category in January I believe, so wish me luck! Also there are some people’s choice voting going on right now I think, but not for me, but for the honorable mentions I think. Either way lend your support to your favorite comickers!