I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been depressed and have shut everyone out, and sometimes I still find it difficult to express myself to others because I don’t trust well honestly. Then I’ve been on the other side watching depressed friends flail about and I want to help, I really don’t want them to suffer. And of course your friends are imperfect and yes they will mess up sometimes and say the wrong thing because we are human afterall. Anyway what I’m saying is, if you don’t let friends in, your healing process will be just that much longer. We all want someone to talk to, but we don’t let ourselves have that out of fear, fear that they may show you a truth you don’t want to see, fear that you will hurt them and possibly lose them, fear they will betray you in some way….and all of these things could happen, it’s true, but chances are they won’t if you’ve chosen your friends well. Just about everything in life is like taking a leap of faith, so if you really want someone to talk to, take that leap and surround yourself with people who reflect who/what you want to be.

I got a little blabby there, but it comes from me just wanting everyone to be happy and surrounded by good people. ^w^;;