I drew Jen’s nose kinda big, heh, oh well. So, don’t forget that next week I will be joining my family on vacation and there will only be one update which will occur on Monday. After I post today’s page I will be setting Monday’s page up in the queue. If for some reason the new page doesn’t post then it may have to wait until the weekend when I will have internet access again. However I think I may still have internet access on Monday so I might be able to check up on it. Also I won’t be around to approve comments from newcomers, but I will do so at the first opportunity. Those of you who have already posted 2 comments are fine, you’ve been moderated in already. Well I think that’s it, please feel free to wish me safe and easy travels because I seriously hate to fly and I am already a jumble of nerves. >n<;;; See you all in February!