UPDATE! I have an update for you regarding my computer fiasco! So, A) A new computer was secured this morning and since then I have been in the process of trying to recover data and get things set up. B) Data recovery was for the most part successful. I haven’t opened every file yet, but I was able to rescue Wednesday’s update as well at the first 9 or so pages of Chapter 6. C) I’ve still got some issues to work through, namely reinstalling CS4 and getting files off of my Time Machine backup but I am back in action inking comic pages this afternoon. Also thank you everyone for your kind words!! This has been so stressfull and I’m still feeling anxious about everything, but hopefully by tonight I’ll feel I have things in order enough to relax.

the previous update………..

EDIT!! Important!! I have a very serious problem! It looks like I broke my computer and me being the idiot that I am, my last time machine backup was all the way back on November 14th. I might be able to save my work yet…I might, and it looks like I will need to look into getting a new computer. OTL Anyhow for the time being consider Wednesday’s update to be canceled and any further updates to be canceled until I can get a working computer and determine whether I can save over a month’s worth of work or not. If I can’t save my old data the comic just won’t be able to come back until after the new year as I will have to redo all of the pages I already had done. Believe me when I say this makes me feel physically ill and I’d rather this not be happening, but I guess I just deserved this bad luck somehow. OTL

I’m really sorry everyone, but I hope you won’t abandon me and the comic, and it still would help if you could still vote….There is nothing more I can do until morning, but I probably won’t be sleeping anyhow….

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Back as promised, and now it’s time to finish off chapter 5 before the new year. 🙂 Also FSR has been slipping again in the top 100 so if you like the comic please give it a vote, it really helps me out!