So lately I’ve been thinking that I maybe don’t like the title of the comic OTL. It became worse after my mother got all grammar nazi on me when I showed her the bookmark design to check for readability. As you might be aware, I called the comic Fine Sometimes Rain because when you are depressed, you will have periods of feeling ok only to be triggered by a thought or an incident where you just feel awful. It’s like these periods of extreme darkness just come upon you like a sudden rainshower. Also Fine Sometimes Rain is a play on Japanese weather forecasting, because Fine Sometimes Rain sounds cuter than: Partly Sunny with a 50% chance of rain showers in the afternoon as a front moves through. 😐

Anyway now that I’ve explained it, the title actually seems better to me, but I also realize there are grammar nazis out there who the title will just burn a hole in their soul or something. So, basically I’d like you to please give me your honest opinion on how you like or dislike the title. The other title I had been considering in the beginning was “Beach House” which will only make sense much later in the comic. ^^;; Either way after having the comic up for half a year now I don’t think it would be good form to change the title, but if I was going to do it, it definitely would need to be now before my readership gets much larger.

PS you will need to allow scripts to see the poll below!!

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