Just to let everyone know, I am on vacation this week. I decided I would tag along and go to the beach with my family. I am looking forward to swimming and also taking some reference pictures for the comic. Anyway this page, Monday’s page I have set to do a scheduled update for me a little after 3am EST on Monday…so hopefully everything went according to plan. 😉 The Inn that I’m staying at is supposed to have wifi so I’m hoping that I will be able to schedule Wednesday’s page after I get there because I am too tired tonight to prep and resize another image and do all the jazz that needs to be done. If the unforeseeable happens and for some reason I can’t upload the page while I’m away, then it will be posted late Wednesday after I get back, but I’m hoping that won’t happen because let’s face it, if the wifi isn’t working at the Inn or something then this is going to be a bust of a trip!! haha Well enough blabber, I’m going to bed!