Rita got things to do and people to see. XD So I mentioned last week that I was going on vacation. Next week I will be vacationing somewhere warm and just basically loafing about yay! So there won’t be any updates BUT I have a bunch of guest comics lined up for the next two weeks! I really love them and I hope you will too!! Anyway regular comic updates will resume February 12th barring any rando illnesses or somesuch…you know those people hacking on the airplane, bleh! hahaha!

Aside from my impending vacation, I’ve been working hard on prepressing a small illustration book from my 2017 witchy inktobers. I call it the Little Witch Book and assuming all goes well with the proof I am hoping to offer preorders in February when I get back! Everyone who preorders will get their name on a thank you page in the back of the book as well. :3

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