I can’t believe it’s already the last week on June, and this coming weekend will be the 4th. I might try to get my work done a little earlier this week so I can enjoy some of the weekend. As my schedule is now, I work on weekends which makes it convenient for when I need to make appointments and such during the week. Anyway enough lat night blabber, enjoy the page and don’t forget to vote!

EDIT – NEWS! So, yesterday I started transferring the website back to my old host because Bluehost has been unreliable and terrible. I’ve been getting intermittent site errors for a month now and 4 support chats later the problem is still going on and they are just blaming me and I know thanks to a friend’s professional hosting knowledge that it’s not my fault so they are giving me the runaround and I am done with them. The old host is appearing stable for the time being. They had a hardware failure over the weekend. I still find my old host not up to snuff, but I do have the account until mid August and I’m researching news hosts as well. Hopefully one day in the future I’ll find something more reliable. Anyway in the meantime there are going to be some site errors and hiccups as the new DNS gets updated across all the servers across all the internet. As I write this, the site is still not showing on the old IP for me and I am overriding my host file on my computer to log into the site on the old IP. Anyway just sit tight, it should come together soon I hope. ^^;;;;;